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Home Service - A New Ground

John Kirkpatrick – Vocals, Accordion, Concertina

Graeme Taylor – Guitars, Backing Vocals

Andy Findon - Flute, Piccolo, Fife, Soprano Sax, Tenor Sax and Keyboard

Michael Gregory – Drums and Percussion

Steve King – Keyboards, Tenor Sax

Paul Archibald – Trumpets, Flugel Horn

Rory McFarlane – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

Roger Williams – Trombones, Tuba


Thanks to Dave Eaglestone, for his contribution on trombone to Papa Joe’s Polka.


1. Kellingley (D. Pearce / J. Kirkpatrick / G. Taylor) 

2. The Last Tommy (Emeney) 

3. Papa Joe’s Polka (Trad. Arr. G. Taylor / A. Findon) 

4a. Arthur McBride (Trad. Arr. J. Kirkpatrick / G. Taylor)

4b. Chaconne (G. Taylor) 

5. A New Ground (H. Purcell / A. Findon / J. Kirkpatrick) 

6. Wallbreaker (B. Kirkpatrick) 

7. Dirt Dust Lorries and Noise (J. Kirkpatrick) 

8. The King’s Hunt (J. Bull Arr. Home Service) 

9. Melting (D. Pearce) 

10a. Ten Pound Lass (Trad. Arr. J. Kirkpatrick / A. Findon)

10b. The Skies Turned Grey (Issy Emeney) 

11. Cheeky Capers (Findon / Honey) 


Recorded, mixed and mastered at Morden Shoals Studio

Produced by Graeme Taylor

December 2015 - June 2016.


Tristan Bryant - Artwork and design

Home Service - A New Ground

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